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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Did you catch the Shrek reference in the title? Maybe it's the former cheerleader in me or simply a reflection of the fact that I am a mom of young kids and there is a constant loop of annoying catchy songs playing in my head at any given moment. Either way 9 times out of 10 when I hear a certain word or phrase I can be caught busting into song or cheer. Annoying...yes. Ever gonna change...probably not! I digress.

I have often said that you can tell a lot about what is going on in my life at any given time based on my blog. That's kind of what I love about it...I can look back and see a reflection of what was going on at different moments. Like a virtual scrapbook!

I can tell you that in the next few weeks and months you will once again see my posts reflect the upcoming changes in our lives. Over the next 5 weeks we have 3 birthdays in our house so you can expect to see party posts and projects revolved around robots and bugs (the chosen themes of my soon to be 5 and 4 year old). Since one of the birthdays is my second 29th you may see some freak-outs/attempts to make peace with the fact that I am soon going to be officially "old", in my mind at least.

As if all of that wasn't enough to keep us busy my oldest is also starting full-day kindergarten the day after my birthday. That brings on a whole new set of things for me to fret over and become nostalgic about. I promise to keep most of those thoughts to myself but some of are bound to seep out here and there. In the midst of all of that there will also be some getting ready for school posts that hopefully some of you will find useful. As a first-time mom of a school aged kid I am sure these posts will change over the years especially as more of my kids enter that phase. Again, it will one day be fun for me to peek back and see how it all looked at this moment in time.

I have never had a consistent theme here other than life as it looks to me and I don't anticipate that changing. I feel like the day I stop doing this for myself it will totally lose all meaning and consequently it won't be enjoyable anymore. While I liken my blog to a virtual scrapbook at times it is also my therapy. I process best by getting things out so this gives me a place to do that. Creatively, emotionally, spiritually. That being said I hope that in the midst of all of it you are able to find posts that you can relate to or learn from or that can cause you to reflect. I know that I have learned so much from all of you in this process.

So hold on for the ride. It is bound to be a mix of fun, family, feelings and a slew of other f words (this site is G-rated so not THAT f word;). Hope you are all up for joining me!

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  1. Hey there, change is never easy and sometimes bitter sweet. All about letting go and embracing the new, different and unexpected with hopefully more anticipation and not so much intrepidation. I recently blogged about change too. All the best for the upcoming changes :)


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