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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is what it looks like in our house

Valentine's in our house this year was very low key. Jeremy worked so most of the day was spent with my little guys. That being the case, I mostly focused on spoiling them. We started the morning with gifts. I thought it would be difficult finding stuff for boys but we actually ended up putting together some fun stuff. They got monster truck chocolate boxes, Cars and Toy Story tops, magnifying glasses that double as bug holders and monsters that I made them out of old T-shirts. Don't they look excited?

We followed this with a lunch of pink pancakes and that was about the extent of the days celebrations. I did however want to have a nice dinner for Jeremy when he got home. I started out with a simple chicken, red pepper and broccoli that I was going to put on top of some brown rice:

 I knew that I wanted something special to go with it so decided on stuffed mushrooms because let's face it, anything stuffed is pretty much fabulous. I had bought a huge thing of mushrooms at Costco this weekend and knew I wanted to add some sausage but that was as far as I had gotten. Luckily The Pioneer Woman came to the rescue with her amazing recipe. I have loved her blog for sometime and know that her recipes always get rave reviews so I was excited to dig into these yummy morsels. It was hard to stare at these and wait for my husband to get home to share them!:

I pretty much stuck to her recipe but thought I would share some of the changes I made out of necessity and personal taste. I didn't have any cream cheese on hand so instead I used the Mozzarella Sun-dried Tomato and Basil Laughing Cow that I had in the fridge. I also sprinkled some red pepper flakes in with the garlic and onion to give it a slight kick. Lastly, I had no wine on hand so I just omitted that all together. They turned out amazing and Jeremy raved! Seriously, there were only 4 left at the end of dinner and that was because he wanted to take them to work for lunch.

It may not be fancy but at this stage in our life, but this is how we celebrate. Looks like most other days but that's okay because we like to think we make everyday about love!


  1. Very nice mushrooms! I loved stuffed mushrooms :) I just LOVE the monsters you made for the boys!! Such a great idea.

  2. Great Blog, and the food looks great!


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