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Monday, May 10, 2010

What's new here...

Life has just been whirling by in our house lately. The last few weeks seem to have gotten especially crazy. We have had our usual weekly stuff: Kindermusik, Journey, Home Group, Reading Time at the library and church. In the last week and a half I attended 3 baby showers, 2 of them were for me, 1 a complete surprise! My doctor appointments have went from every 2 weeks to twice a week. Last week I had to have two non-stress tests, an ultrasound, blood work, and an examine. I feel like I should get a special parking spot downtown! We are also getting ready for Friday when my parents arrive from Arizona. We are just so excited to see them, it has been over a year. That meant finishing up Isaiah's room (which obviously needed to be done anyway!) so they have a place to sleep and general cleaning and organizing that had been neglected. Of course being 36 weeks pregnant I am really starting to slow down so every project I try to tackle takes way longer then it should. My feet have been swelling something fierce, talking 10 lb gain in one week from fluid retention, so I have to stop and sit with them up for awhile. I feel so annoying right now, I can't help but complain about my ugly and painful feet and all the other aches and pains. Luckily my husband has been great and not only shows me a lot of sympathy but also does his best to help out so I can take it easy. Today I turn in my 24 hour urine test and await the results which tell me if I have to be on some kind of modified bed rest. Praying that that isn't the case but will take it as it comes.

That pretty much covers life in the Lewis house lately. Before I know it I will be posting about our newest little guy's arrival. Getting very excited and anxious for the big day!


  1. Here's hoping you don't have to go on bed rest! Just keep that little baby in your thoughts and you'll be able to make it through anything...even swollen feet!

    Good Luck Crystal and I cannot wait to hear about Isaiah being born!! It's so soon:-)

  2. Hey Chrystal! I was just thinking about that bun in your oven and wanted to check on you! Take care of yourself these last few weeks. And I hope you had a Happy, Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Thank you ladies! I feel like all I do is complain these days. I think the end gets rough so that you actually WANT them to come out;) If you would have asked me a few weeks ago I would have said he could stay in there forever, they are so much easier to control that way!

  4. Awww, hang in there Chrystal! Unfortunately, I know this stage is just right around the corner for me, but at least we have something absolutely amazing to look forward to real soon! My feet started swelling at 6 months with Isabelle (still haven't yet with this pregnancy... crossed fingers!). It is one of the worst feelings, I tell ya! You're so close though! All the best in the coming weeks!!!


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