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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jeremy's Baptism

Okay, I am SO behind on my blogging! Life finally gets interesting enough to write about and then I don't take the time...go figure:)

A week ago my husband was baptized. What an amazing thing to be able to witness. I have seen this man transform from the stubborn teenager who thought he had everything figured out and didn't need anything from anyone into a man who serves his family in many ways and has humbled himself to accept that his life was not complete without Jesus as an integral part of it. Watching him dive into his new faith has really strengthened mine. Being on this journey together is so much better than it ever could be alone. I am proud of the decision he made to be baptized and am thankful for all the support he had from so many around us. Looking forward to continuing on this amazing journey with him for many years to come.

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  1. That's awesome! My dh was baptized when our kids were babies and it just seemed like perfect timing. He really became the dad he always wanted to be, the husband he had been working so hard to become. God really blesses His flock! I know your family will truly be blessed by your dh's decision.

  2. Thank you ladies! I truly am proud of him and the man that he is. I know that God will continue to use him to bless our family:)


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