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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Me Times Three

As I was trying to wrangle all 3 kids by myself at bedtime last week, I begin to think about how nice it would be if there were 3 of me.  Those nights when my husband is working night shift and I am being pulled between bigger boys who want help getting pjs on, brushing teeth, and having a story read to them all while baby is getting fussy and wanting to be cuddled/fed are almost enough to make me crazy. Somebody's needs are always being put on hold and by the time all is said and done I am just worn down. That particular night I let my imagination wonder to a place where there were three of me, one for each child. They would never want for my attention because there would be a mommy for each of them. This surely would make life easier.

I figured as long as I was going down this path, why not clone myself a few more times and really make life easy. I decided that 6 of me would be enough to get the job done. As I said earlier, 3 of my clones would be devoted to my children. Number 4 would be for my husband. Not that he is overly needy but it sure would be nice to meet his every need and make him feel like he is my number one priority (not that I have ever been great at that but it certainly doesn't happen now that the kids are here and so demanding of my time and attention). This clone would be the one that is always dolled up and smelling good. She would pack all his lunches for him, let him put his feet up when he got home from work, listen to all his stories with full attention, and keep him satisfied in the bedroom. Wouldn't I have one happy husband?

Number 5 would be the work horse clone. She would be the one who accomplished everything around the house as well as attending all of my weekly commitments outside the house. The laundry would always be done, dishes caught up, bathrooms cleaned, yard work completed, meals on the table and when she was done with that she would rush off to attend whatever I had planned that day. How nice would it be to have someone like this around...I think she would be my favorite.

And then there would be number 6. She would be the me that I would be if there were no kids, no husband, no work, no obligation. She gets to do all the fun and leisurely things that so often don't make it on the list. She would sleep in, drink coffee in her pjs while watching her favorite morning shows, bake for fun, do crafts to her hearts content, shop for hours on end, read a book from cover to cover in one sitting, talk on the phone to friends with no interruptions...the list goes on. She would have the good life!

Breaking it up into separate categories like this really makes me realize what all comes with my job. I have a lot on my plate and often that comes with the feeling that I cannot possibly get it all done. But when I stop and think about it I realize that God did not make us clones for a reason. We are each unique and each made for a purpose. He knows the plans he has for us and they are all capable of being completed in the time lines he has provided. If there is more on our plate then we can accomplish, it is most likely our priorities that need changing. I noticed right away that 4 of my 6 clones were devoted to my family. That right there tells me how important they are too me and so that is where I should be spending most of my time. The other stuff is secondary and shouldn't hold such importance in my life. Of course there needs to be balance in all things. There is room for me time and chores are a necessary part of life. But what should come first and be top priority is how I distribute my time between my boys and my husband. I may dream about a life with more than one me, but I am grateful for the one life I have been given. Hectic days, messy house and all.

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