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Monday, October 25, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I know it is October and awfully early for some to be even thinking about the C word. But besides getting my shopping done early, I also like to get a jump start on my Christmas cards. Yes, I am that person who sends them out the day after Thanksgiving:)

As I was browsing through the Shutterfly holiday card choices, I found it hard to settle on just one! In the last year or two I have taken to ordering my Christmas cards online. Not only do they tend to be cheaper, but I can sit at home and fill in my own photos and details and then have them shipped straight to my mailbox. For completely hassle free shopping they even give you the option to let them stamp and mail them for you. Doesn't get much more convenient then that! 

I am narrowing down my choices based on meeting the following criteria:
     * I want something with multiple picture spaces. I want to put at least one picture of each boy, if not also one of all of them together.
     * I prefer a flat stationary card. I have taken to decorating my fridge with pictures of my loved ones from their holiday cards and find these flat cards much easier to deal with.
     * I prefer dark or warm colors to bright sunny ones on my Christmas card. Something about this time of year that lends itself perfectly to those deep colored cards.

Here are my top 3 contenders:


I will say that this may change tomorrow and even next week if I keep giving it too much thought. Some input would be great, which one do you like best? Here are the entire line of holiday cards if you would like to browse a bigger selection:

For those of you planning to ship them out yourselves, they have some pretty adorable address labels as well:

Shutterfly is currently offering 20% off all holiday cards, you know I love a deal! 

What are your holiday card plans? Do you love to do a picture card or stick to the plain boxed variety? Do you send them out early or the week of Christmas? Share your traditions, picture plans, what you do with the cards you receive. As Christmas gets closer I will post some more about what I do with my cards during the season and when the holidays are over.

***Shutterfly has offered my 50 free holiday cards for writing this post but I am not being compensated in any other way. All of the opinions expressed in this post are solely mine.***


  1. Yay, I found you. :) I like the first one! I too am an early card sender only I send a "family gazette" complete with stories, trivia and games. People beg for it but I'd dearly love to do the simple way and just send pics for once!


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