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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October Fun 2013

This time each year we usually make the trek out to Greenbluff to visit the pumpkin patch and have some autumn fun on the farm. This year we decided to stay closer to home and visit Carver Farms which turned out to be just as much fun and quite a bit cheaper (that's always a bonus!). The sun was even shining which was like icing on the cake.

There were caramel apples to be eaten.

And corn "mazes" to be ran through (I say maze loosely because it was actually just a corn path....lame for the older crowd but kept my brood entertained enough).

Pumpkins to be picked. Our rule is they have to be able to carry it themselves. If not, it's too big.

This year they each picked a pumpkin to paint.

We also selected some for the carving contest at the boys school. The last two years have been ribbon worthy, will be make it in the top 3 again this year? (stay tuned for two more awesome ideas we have in the works!)
2011 - A pumpkin piggy bank
2012 - A pumpkin robot
All in all it was another great year participating in some of our favorite fall activities. Can't wait to get the babies involved next year!

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