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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Catching's twins!

I'm back!! It has been months since I last posted and I have been dying to get back to writing so I wanted to start by sharing a big reason for my absence. I am 29 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins! While I have actually had a relatively uncomplicated pregnancy so far, it has taken a lot out of me and for a long time I wasn't doing anything blog worthy. And though I am now in my third trimester and slowing down more than ever, I wanted to at least make an effort to document part of this pregnancy and hopefully get back to sharing some of the stuff I love. So let's catch up a bit on the last 7 months.

Here's the first ultrasound from the day after Christmas when I found out it was twins. My husband wasn't with me so the sonographer left him a special message on the ultrasound. It was priceless handing this to him and watching his face as it all sunk in:
We had a gender reveal party which was such a fun way to share the news with close friends and family (and we got to trick them a little bit while doing it!):
The invitations
Bow and Bowtie Onesies for the Banner

What will they be???
Want to see the video of the reveal? Click HERE and make sure to watch until the end :)

We also did a fun Mad Gab to reveal the names to everyone. Want to take a guess for yourself? These are their first and middle names, just read the string of words aloud (I'll put the names at the bottom of the post so you can see if you were right):
Baby A: Say I'm Yule Car Ray Egg
Baby B: Aim Eel Haw Joy Sis

Here are the latest ultrasound pictures taken at 27 weeks. They are getting so big!
Amelia with her feet at her head

Samuel looking right at us

And here is what I am looking like at 29 weeks:

Well, that's the last 7 months in a nutshell. We are so excited for these two blessings who will complete our family. Nathan, Jordan, and Isaiah daily talk about and to their new brother and sister and are ecstatic to meet them. As everyone likes to remind me, we are going to have our hands full and while to some that seems like a burden, I am truly grateful and wouldn't have it any other way :)

Answer to the Mad Gabs:
Baby A is named Samuel Craig
Baby B is named Amelia Joyce


  1. Oh congratulations! I thought your blogging absence might have been due to an upcoming baby...but two?! Wow, what a blessing :)

  2. So happy for you! May God give you peace in your home and your heart. May he give you strength to face every challenge. May he bless you with good health and your babies with perfect health as well.

    May God make the salvation of every family member sure through Jesus Christ His Son.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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