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Thursday, July 21, 2011

An unpleasant first

I think I could write for weeks about our trip to Arizona. It is amazing how many things can happen in 5 days when you are out of your regular routine and away from home!

One of the events that occurred while staying at my mom's house is going in Isaiah's baby book although it is not a first we are celebrating over. While trying to watch his brothers take a bath, he slipped in the bathroom and either hit his face on the tub or the tile. After wiping away all the blood it was immediately obvious to me that he had chipped both of his front two teeth, poor baby. He was quite the trooper though. He was done crying by the time the blood was cleaned up and hasn't acted bothered by it since. In fact, I think big brother had a harder time of it. Nathan witnessed the whole thing and kept saying how horrible he felt that that had happened to Isaiah. Amazingly enough, even with three rambunctious boys in the house, Isaiah was the first to chip any teeth.

Jeremy took him to the dentist yesterday just to make sure everything was okay. It turns out it was a blessing that the teeth chipped because if they hadn't, the dentist says it is likely the nerves would have taken the brunt of the force. They didn't even bother filing the chips, they just instructed us to use an emery board if it seemed to be catching on his tongue.

We also found out that his molars are about to come in. I have been so fixated on his front teeth I didn't even realize his gums where as swollen as could be in the back. Explains why he hasn't been sleeping well! The adventures of toddlerhood have begun it looks like. At least he takes most of it in stride.

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